“MAGE IT Training and Consulting Private Limited”

is an Indian registered company, based out of Mumbai but operating globally. The word MAGE IT stands for Management And Governance of Enterprise IT, however the literal meaning of word “Mage” is learned or wise person. Hence, MAGE IT strives to represent the deep wisdom and knowledge related to IT Governance and IT Management.

Who we are?

Though MAGE IT, as a incorporated company, is a new entrant in the IT Governance and IT Management training and consulting services domain, however the founders, the core team, and the executive board represent some of the most talented veterans from the industry, and some of the youngest and brightest trend-setting experts around. MAGE IT predominantly caters to IT and senior executives, Board of Directors, CEO, CIO, CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), CRO (Chief Risk Officer), Auditor, Financial Controller, Compliance, Legal, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), etc., with a special focus for Indian SMEs, startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

MAGE IT goes beyond offering mere IT attestations. Our mission is to provide IT advisory and consulting beyond just giving an opinion for assurance and compliance reporting or to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. MAGE IT aims to assist organisations; micro, small, medium and corporate; to use IT to sustain and extend enterprise strategies and objectives, unlock the value of IT, transform IT investments into business value, leverage competition using IT, grab business opportunities and achieve sustainable competitive advantage through IT enabled investments.

At MAGE IT, we provide services that enable business micro, small, medium or large to unlock IT value to achieve business goals. We understand that boards of directors and management need to have a deeper understanding of the business strategy, craft a framework to align information technology with business (strategic alignment), make decisions (manage resources) and monitor progress (performance measurement, sustainability and accountability) MAGE IT goes beyond traditional IT auditing services.

Our Mission

We aspire to be an agent of change, enabling our customers, partners, suppliers, and employees. We strive to create value in everything that we do and ensure that results are delivered every time.

Our Vision

Deliver Results and Create Value to all organizations.

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